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Nordic Simulators is a reliable international company. Attesting to this pedigree is that it received its first AAA credit rating (the highest possible level) back in 2010. The company is partly owned by the Finnish state, so you are guaranteed a solid partner for your simulation projects.

We specialise in designing and delivering the technology for simulation centres for medical use. Our global experience with simulation centres is at your disposal, whatever you may require.

All of our products have been designed in collaboration with the users – hence our slogan: ‘Smart and Easy Learning’. We aim to make our products very easy to use while maintaining high quality. At present, our product range covers recorders, sound systems, virtual rooms, and even clothes for simulation exercises. With Nordic Simulators as your partner, everything you need is available in a single place.

Our service and customer care staff always help you. When you obtain all equipment for your centre from the same partner, we can guarantee that, even when there is an unexpected problem, the answer can be found in one place. Everything always begins with those who create our products and services. We are genuinely proud of every single member of our team.

Choose a reliable, innovative, and professional partner. Choose Nordic Simulators, allowing you to focus on the medical aspect of the exercises while the technology takes care of itself.