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The personnel of Nordic Simulators have extensive experience of simulation centres all over the world. We want to share this experience by helping our new customers design their simulation centre well. Because we have seen the pitfalls and issues that can arise in many a project, we would like to help our customers avoid problems that could delay their project.

On the light end, you can order just a layout plan for the centre from our design service, but you can also obtain realistic 3D modelling of the centre, so that everyone participating in the project sees the centre to be built as fully as possible. This way of operating reduces misunderstandings and delays on the part of various parties.

We work alongside you in designing your centre and help you avoid problems while getting the project completed on time.

If you need a high-quality simulation centre that is extremely easy to use, make sure to choose Nordic Simulators as your partner. We provide everything you need for your centre, from a single point of contact, from the design onward. Nordic Simulators: Smart and easy learning.


basic design:

  • 2D drawings of the center layout
  • ideas for contracting
  • instructions for your center project

3d visualization:

  • 20 realistic photos
  • 5 videos of the center


  • architect CAD drawings
  • official electrical drawings