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Nordic Solution is a comprehensive recorder system for recording simulation training events at a simulation centre. Nordic Solution is part of the family of Nordic Simulators recorder products, all of which are controlled with the same easy-to-use software. Developed in collaboration with health-care professionals, the result is a high-quality, very easy-to-use and versatile system. Installation of the overall system is easy: The package covers everything from recorders to special projects. As many as 16 cameras can be installed with one recorder. Through addition of new recorders, the system can accommodate an almost unlimited number of cameras. The system is housed in a single technology cabinet that is easy to install in the control room.

the cameras

The recorder uses high-quality HD-level digital cameras with built-in microphones. The cameras also have infrared illumination, allowing the system to record everything without the need for visible illumination.

The vital monitors in our patient simulators can be integrated with the recording system in a fully wireless manner with the aid of our capture software. Several vital monitors can be connected to the system, to allow for training with multiple patients, for instance.


The Nordic Solution recorder software is very easy to use, with an average learning time of five minutes. Our philosophy is that the customer must be able to concentrate on the medical exercise, without having to worry about the technology.

A wireless background sound and communication system with touchscreen is included in the system delivery. This equipment makes it easy to create realistic background sounds for the exercises, to increase the real-life feeling. Also, announcements can be transmitted to the exercise space wirelessly.

A debriefing room is a place where both live and recorded images and audio from the exercise space can be watched. The simulation centre can have several debriefing rooms, just as there can be several recording rooms.



  • stylish mini rack cabin
  • Nordic server with program
  • 2 HD cameras
  • pan/tilt/zoom HD camera
  • 5 wireless personal mic's
  • integrated sound processing system
  • playback/live debriefing unit
  • HD debriefing projector with wide angle lens
  • Sound effect / live audio command system