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Nordic Recorder is a system for recording simulation-based training at a simulation centre. Recorder is part of the Nordic Simulators family of recorder products, all of which are controlled with the same easy-to-use software. Developed in collaboration with health-care professionals, the result is a high-quality, very easy-to-use and versatile system. It is possible to perform a fixed installation of the product in as little as an hour.

Nordic Recorder uses high-quality HD-level digital cameras with built-in microphones. The cameras also have infrared illumination, allowing the system to record everything in the simulation exercise space without the need for visible illumination. The cameras just need one cable, from which they also receive their power. One of the cameras automatically enters wireless operation when detached from the cable and connected to the mains or when run on Smart Batteries, from Nordic Simulators. Thanks to its magnet-snap mounting, a smart battery camera can easily be mounted in different places. The system’s camera is a digital unit that turns and also provides precise zooming functionality and HD-quality images.



  • recorder/playback unit
  • remote playback unit
  • 4-channel debriefing recording/playback software
  • debriefing playback software, 4-channel
  • two HD monitors
  • two HD cameras
  • one HD pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • two-vital-monitor WLAN adapter
  • speaker
  • headphones
  • network creator
  • integrated Ethernet switch
  • 3 × 30 m camera cables
  • Windows Live viewer software
  • one-year warranty
  • instruction manual


  • wireless universal microphone
  • camera battery
  • vital monitor WLAN adapters
  • pocket-sized projector with battery
  • remote playback unit
  • HD pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • HD camera
  • more video channels
  • Nordic service package