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Change your training room in 30 seconds to a totally different one

Nordic Environment is a virtual training room that allows for rapid deployment of various training environments in indoor spaces. This digital system reduces expenses, since a single training space can be transformed for many, quite different uses. High-definition video images or photos can be displayed for the background, and three close-range projectors convert the images into a single, seamless entity by means of computer software. The special-use close-range projectors are important for avoiding shadows in the background even when one moves close to it.

With the background system, it is easy to convert outdoor exercises into indoor ones or drill in social care situations, for example.

Ready-made background video clips and photos are supplied with the system, and it is easy for the customer to create additional backgrounds as needs dictate.

By using the background in combination with Nordic SoundBoard, one can create a soundscape that corresponds to the background image, emphasising the sensation of reality in the virtual space.



  • 3 wide-angle special projector
  • 3 digital projector cables
  • 3 projector wall amount adapter
  • remote controller for projector
  • controlling computer
  • computer monitor
  • software
  • 30 ready to use medical backgrounds
  • other cables and adapters
  • one year warranty
  • installation / user instructions


  • extra projectors
  • different backround packages
  • Nordic Environment soundboard