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SoundBoard is a system intended for creating background sounds for simulation exercises.

The system is controlled with a wireless tablet computer that has a touchscreen interface. The speaker can be either mobile and battery-operated or a fixed unit. To ensure easy use, the background sounds have been classified in line with themes. Background sounds can be played once, or they can be looped continuously with the ‘nonstop’ option. Various sounds can be mixed with each other to create unique soundscapes, and it is easy to modify the playback levels of the individual effects.

If no suitable background sound can be found in the factory options, users can record their own effects and play them back, once or in a loop.

The product can also be used as a command system. Pressing the microphone button opens a direct announcement connection to the speaker.

Alternatively, if a command system is needed and no background sounds are used in the exercise, the user can open just the command system application on the tablet, accessing only the microphone user interface.

Optionally, a wireless ear button is available in the system, for such uses as giving instructions to the actor in the exercise situation.

By combining the Nordic Environment product with the sound system, one can build a virtual training room with background sounds.



  • touch screen tablet
  • wireless battery/power speaker
  • wireless ear phone
  • inside mic
  • multiple ready to use sound effects
  • record your own sound environments