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create a one way window anywhere you wish

Nordic SmartWindow allows creation of a virtual window in a position where a genuine window cannot be made.

A one-way observation window is needed between the exercise space and the control room. In some situations, it is impossible to create a physical window – for example, the wall material may not allow this, or construction regulations might forbid it.

The solution in these cases is Nordic SmartWindow, in which a close-range projector is installed on the control room side and a special camera is mounted on the training space side. Only a tiny hole for the cable must be drilled in the wall.

With SmartWindow, the training room does not need to be right next to the control room. Also, one control room can manage several training spaces equipped with the SmartWindow product.



  • wide angle interactive window projector
  • HD quality wide angle camera
  • installation kit
  • cables


  • extended installation cables
  • extra camera