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Nordic Simulators Service


Good service is the best marketing. This is the philosophy of our service operations and the cornerstone of all our company does. From the beginning, we have invested in our service centre and efficient customer service. We understand that when there is a problem, help must be available quickly so that our customers’ exercise timetables do not become delayed.

At the customer’s request, our service staff can open a remote connection to the customer device and resolve any software or setting errors immediately.

In the event of a hardware malfunction, our extensive stock of spare parts combines with our collaboration with an international courier service to guarantee that the necessary replacement part reaches the customer’s doorstep quickly.

The customer-specific information on each device we sell is recorded in our service system. This way, when we receive a service request, we immediately know the basic information of the specific device that was delivered to you and its maintenance history. Our service system keeps you updated in real time about the progress of your device in our service process.

You can also conclude a longer-term care agreement with our service department, to ensure many worry-free years of use.


Contact info

Nordic Simulators Service
Vuoripojankatu 16
15210 Lahti, Finland
Phone:+358 44 5716615
Fax:+358 3 5898587