Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
1. Who can do the installation/service?

Our products are easy to use and simple to service. Even customers technical personnel or local technical company can do services or replace parts by using our instructions. If needed our own technicians can also be used.

2. How/who will I contact if problems occure?

First fill up a digital service description form for questions or send email service@nordicsimulators.fi to us. Our service will contact you.

3. What spare parts do you have?

We have all most common spare parts in our service stock.

4. How fast can I have a spare parts?

We have contract with one of the largest delivery companies (FedEx). For example in Europe the part can be delivered to the customers door even for the next day.

5. How does your service process work?

Almost all parts of the systems are modules based. If problem is noticed, first we will make diagnose of the problem and if the problem is broken part it will be replaced.

6. Can you give technical training to our personnel?

Yes, we have a official tech training which is for the customers technicians. This helps them to understand the basic technology and do service fast on the site if needed.